/Public Review of The Lion King

Public Review of The Lion King

The wait has finally got over as the remake of the 1994 film The Lion King; an animated Disney classic hit the screens today. What’s exciting this time for the audience is the fact that they get to see the Hindi dubbed version of the film as well.  In the dubbed version, we have Shah Rukh Khan voicing for Mufasa and his son Aryan Khan voicing for Simba. English version’s voice cast includes Donald Grover, Beyonce Knowles, Chiwetel Ejiofor, James Earl Jones, John Oliver, JD McCrary, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner. 

The Lion King

Helmed by Jon Favreau, the film focuses on the fact that crime should not go unpunished. The film offers visual splendour and some great fight scenes between Simba and Scar in its climax. While there are various comparisons already being made with its classic 1994 version, the remake has opened to decent reviews by the critics and audience. As the film hits the screens today, we check out what the fans have to say about it.

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The Lion King